Arcades Materials: YELLOW

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YELLOW: Subterranean to Street

This pamphlet starts underground. It moves through catacombs, subways and sewers up to the streets. The lava of the underworld erupts on to the pavements of the metropolis. Above ground gutters are blocked with bundles of rags, boulevards are interrupted by barricades, and streets echo with new kinds of rattling vehicles. Luxurious velvet curtains hang in the windows of bourgeois living rooms choked with dust. Benjaminian archetypes such as the flâneur and the prostitute are unravelled and these defamiliarised figures walk the city’s pavements alongside others: criminals, losettes, revolutionaries, detectives. These pieces shuttle from the prison cell to the cosmos. Eternity via the sewers.

Contributors: Danny Hayward, Emily Doucet, Sara Salih, Sam Dolbear, Andrew Witt, Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Spencer, Sean Bonney, Patrizia Bach, Xenia Marinou, Kester Richardson, Hannah Proctor, Chryssa Marinou, Sharon Kivland, Amy Tobin, Luke Roberts

Edited by Sam Dolbear and Hannah Proctor
Insides Designed by Sophie Carapetian
Cover Designed by Sophie Carapetian and Lucy Killoran
Typeset by Sophie Carapetian, Sam Dolbear and Louis Hartnoll
Copy-edited by Ryan Eyers